New York Lien Services

LIEN ONIT specializes in garageman’s liens, towing liens, storage liens, and vessel liens in New York, providing comprehensive solutions that ensure you receive the compensation you have earned.

Our experienced team understands the intricate lien landscape in New York and works tirelessly to navigate through the complexities on your behalf. With LIEN ONIT by your side, you can rest easy knowing your lien requirements are in expert hands. Maximize your revenue and protect your interests – contact us today.

Garageman's Liens

Are you a licensed garage owner or mechanic facing unpaid bills for services rendered? A garageman’s lien can be filed for unpaid bills related to towing, storage, maintenance, and repairs.

Garageman’s liens are a crucial legal tool that protects your rights and ensures you receive the compensation you deserve. LIEN ONIT specializes in navigating the complexities of garageman’s liens, providing expert guidance and support to help you recover unpaid fees.

A mechanic working on a vehicle in a garage.

Towing & Storage Liens

In accordance with New York state laws, towing and storage companies have the right to recover costs associated with towing or storing vehicles, manufactured homes, vessels, personal property, and more.

By partnering with our experienced lien servicing company, you can take control of your financial interests. We navigate the complexities of lien laws to ensure you receive rightful compensation for your towing and storage services.

A tow truck carrying a car on its flatbed.

Vessel Liens

Boat storage facilities have limited space, and abandoned vessels can quickly become liabilities.

Vessel lien laws provide rights and remedies regarding unpaid fees, debts, or abandonment of vessels. These laws typically apply in situations where a boat owner fails to pay for services such as docking fees, storage charges, maintenance costs, or other outstanding debts owed to the marina.

Marina vessel lien laws play a vital role in maintaining the financial stability and operation of marinas while providing recourse for unresolved payment disputes.

Boats docked in a marina.

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