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Getting Started

Start a lien for unpaid repair, tow or vehicle storage services:

If you need to start a lien for unpaid parking, please call the office at 212-653-0136.


1. Download the Lien Summary Form

2. Fill out and sign the Lien Summary Form.

3. Upload these 4 documents below:
     –  Completed and Signed Lien Summary Form
     –  Business License
     –  Authorized Bill
     –  Vin/Hin

 Click here to download the Lien Summary Form


IMPORTANT:  We must receive all 4 documents in order to properly process your paperwork.

* Your business license must be valid at the time of service.  This means if you performed the work on 2/1/2023, your license must show that it was valid on that date.  

* The bill must be authorized (signature or verbal authorization) and must be a snapshot of what was agreed upon at the time the customer OK’d you to do the work.  

* The VIN picture must be taken from a permanent location on the vehicle (dashboard or fire wall).   The DMV does not accept pictures of door stickers.



Upload Here: