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When reaching out to your customer just hasn’t worked, our technology-enabled New York Garageman’s Lien processing experts are here to help.

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LIEN ONIT Makes Filing Garageman's Liens Easy

Whether you’re a mechanic, storage facility or tow company, we understand the frustration of unpaid bills. That’s where we step in. Our expert team specializes in filing garageman’s lienstowing and storage liens and vessel liens.

We’ve streamlined the lien filing process to pave the way for your payment recovery. Leave the intricate paperwork to us. Get started by filling out our simple online form or by calling us. From there, we will assess your situation and collaborate with you to secure the compensation you’re entitled to. We stand by the principle that hard work warrants fair pay.

Our team is proficient in managing lien processing for a variety of titled assets, including cars, trucks, boats, trailers and motorcycles, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Garageman's Lien?

A Garageman’s (mechanics) Lien in New York is a legal claim granted to garage, marina, parking and repair facilities as a remedy for unpaid bills related to the repair, towing or storage of vehicles or vessels. 

How Does LIEN ONIT Help?

Filing a lien in New York can be complex and requires adherence to specific procedures and documentation requirements. LIEN ONIT navigates the complexities associated with New York state lien law providing a modern, streamlined and efficient customer experience. 

Who Would Need a Garageman's Lien?

Businesses engaged in repairing, towing or storing vehicles, including boats, benefit from a Garageman’s Lien when a vehicle owner fails to pay for services rendered.


With heavy investments in people, process and tools, we ensure your experience is FASTER,  EASIER and MORE RELIABLE than you have experienced before. Our innovative, modern approach sets us apart as the go-to choice.  Try us today and find out why LIEN ONIT is the largest and fastest growing lien processing company in New York.

Need Help With Filing a Lien?

Please Note: No owners or persons employed by LIEN ONIT are licensed to provide legal advice. The information provided here should be treated as an aid to understanding the law concerning vehicle lien sales in the State of NY. If you have questions concerning the law or your rights, we advise you to seek legal advice from a licensed professional.